This was last year's Thanksgiving, but you might get ideas for your own "Thanksgiving Tree" that we did.  It was great!  It will be here soon!  Are you thankful each and every day?  God is so good!!!

Our ThanksGiving Day dinner with Steve's family and my parents.  Steve's older brother, Gary, cutting the turkey. Wow!  Doesn't this look like a spread?  Talk about stuffed, we were be-yond stuffed!

My parents are on the left and Steve's parents on the right next to him.  They have been lifelong friends.  So very blessed.

As a family we read each verse and wrote what we were thankful for on the back of each leaf of The ThanksGiving Tree,  from Ann Voskamp, then hung the leaves on the beautiful branches to create our own thanks Giving tree.

Print out your own for next year, or make a ThanksGiving Tree every day and see how much you have to be grateful for at the end of the year.  Sarah has a quote from my mother on her blog that my mom loves, 

                    "What if, when we wake up in the morning, all we have was what we thanked God for today." 

Think about that when making your ThanksGiving Tree...or writing your 1000 gifts.  Yes, I'm still writing and recording mine, there is so very much I am grateful for.

What are you thankful for this ThanksGiving?

Always Experiencing Him,

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