Hay - 2014

It's hay season again!  Dad had already put up a field across from our house, and he and I mowed the field in front of his house, then the girls had all been tedding and raking for him.  This 1st pic we were having to wait while Dad went to help Julia with the rake in another field, sooooo, to pass the time we visit and read the newpaper!  How funny!

Fast forward to now, we are all finished with the 1st cutting of all the hay on the farm, and with this wonderful rain we have had recently, we should get another good  2nd cutting at some point. 

Our cousin C wanted to come and help haul hay, so here are some pics of him working in the Big Field with us.  

If you do not know how we put up hay, square bales or round bales, go here to part 1 of hay season and check it out.

Great job all!  It's much more fun working together!  Training younger men and ladies will prepare them for the many years ahead.  That's what generational faithfulness is about, though only one part of it.  Great job Cousin C!!!

Always Experiencing Him,


Scott -Kathy Wilson said...

That sure is a handsome young man helping you.

Jody Dake said...

Isn't he though? :) Thanks for letting us borrow him.

Always Experiencing Him,