Summer Storms

We have had several summer storms recently, and they have been beautiful and wonderful.  God is amazing as He gives us so much diversity in the weather.

The girls ran to get clothes off the line when I yelled, "It's raining!  The clothes!"  Too funny!  So, I had to run to get the camera and snap a couple quick shots!  Loved it!

The clouds have been gorgeous, the dark gray ones, the white puffy ones in between storms, and all others in the lovely sky above us.  One evening, very late, Steve and I sat out on the front porch to watch the lightning storm happening right over us.  I know, probably not the safest thing, but I absolutely LOVE storms, the lightning, the amazing thunder that rolls, and as it did that evening, a continuous roar, oh, wow, so amazing!  I ended up lying on the porch, looking up at the streaks and flashes of lightning going on above in the heavens.  I do have to admit, I was saying a little prayer, "Please, Lord, protect me as I'm watching your glory happening right now."  

Isn't God good?  We even had a neighbor racing home who got caught in the storm after bushogging.  The winds, watching the rain from a distance as it gets nearer, and nearer, and nearer til we finally scream, "It's here!  Ooosh!"  Love it!  It's then I am reminded God is bigger, God is good, and I only need to sit, be still, and know, yes, just know He is God.

I pray on this Lord's day, you will take time to do just that.  Be still, if only for a moment, but be still, and know He.Is.God.

This was suppose to be posted earlier today, but I had trouble loading my videos, so please take the time Monday to be still, any day, just Be.Still.And.Know...

Always Experiencing Him,

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