Thrifting and Farming

Our town had a "Friends of the Library" sale, and we picked up a few bargains.  The girls went one day, then Sarah and I went on the day they had, "fill a bag for $3."  These were some I picked up and Sarah filled the bag with her choices.  Love great deals, and it supports the library as well.

I found a book for 99 cents from the Left Behind series at another place we love to go, and then Sarah and Jenny went with my parents to the flea market up the road and found A-Team comic books!  Can you believe it?  Too funny!  I didn't even know they made those.  They had to pick up a couple.  Sarah found another series she and her dad have really enjoyed and picked up the 2nd in that series.

Found this DVD for less $3, hope I will like it; I haven't had the chance to try it yet.  This was at our beloved used bookstore, McKay's!

Julia has been looking for a coin purse and Sarah found this genuine leather one for a whopping 99 cents!  This place supports missions in the Knoxville area, and we love going there.

I like simple pull-on shirts, especially for less than $3.

I am wanting the girls to make me an earring holder with this frame.  I am not crafty and really don't enjoy it either, so I'm glad they do and they are very good at it.  Julia had made one for her; you take the glass out and put burlap in then put the back on after pulling the burlap tight, and then you just stick your earrings in.  It doesn't work for posts but that's ok.  This is an 11x14 frame for, again, less than $3!  I'll try and get a pic after it is finished.  Have to find the burlap, hmmmm, where did it go?  I am not a fan of burlap stuff, it's very messy, but it works great for this.

Canning tomatoes!

Peppers coming out our ears!  Chopping, slicing and freezing!

I don't think you have seen our new chickens.  They are so pretty!  We have 12 new ones and they are already producing around 10 eggs a day!  There are 3 different kinds, Rhode Island Reds are the red ones :) , the brighter black and white ones are Silver Laced Wyandotes, and then Barred Plymouth Rocks.  They are all so docile, and are laying lots of eggs.  They stay right with me while I am cleaning their waterer and refilling it at the creek.  Love them!

Hope you enjoy a bit of our everyday lives, some days are extremely busy, and others are quite relaxed.

Getting ready for our last study tonight with some friends.  We have gone through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace DVD study.  It has been very good and informational.  Hopefully, we will be doing Focus on the Family's Family Project next.  It looks very good.  We participated in The Truth Project and it was super, so I expect this to be as good.

Have a super Thursday, and smile an extra smile today!

Don't forget I love comments, a kind word, an encouraging word, they are always welcome!

Always Experiencing Him,


Missy Parris said...

Your chickens are BEAUTIFUL!!! One day maybe I'll have some. Those are some great deals. Is this the Sweetwater Flea Market? Haven't been there in years. You guys really had some good bargain hunting days.
Our church did the Financial Peace but I haven't heard of the other one, I'll have to look into that. The girls have been volunteering at the cannery this summer with some friends and have been learning a lot. I love this time of year and all the great fresh produce. Have a great weekend!!!
And Happy Late Birthday to Sarah from all of us, can't remember if I told her on her blog or not. I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading like usual.
Se ya, Missy

Jody Dake said...

Thanks Missy!

Always Experiencing Him,