My Working Young Man

Our horse lot was in great need of bushogging and Jamin took off and got it accomplished.  Just snapped some pics as he was working.  We are so proud of our young man; he is a hard worker, he is patient, he perseveres, and he is strong in his faith.  He was in a standard education setting for the 1st 2 years, and even at that young age he was subject to what he saw and heard from many other kids, "good" and the bad.  He survived and we brought him home to educate his remaining "school" years.  He was prepared for college as all our children were, and yet, when the time came, God showed us there are much better ways to gain "education" than going "off" to school or even staying near home for school.  He graduated at 17 and continues to learn  We could not be prouder of the man he is and has grown into.  He realizes he will be the provider some day for his family, and is making choices now that will effect that and more importantly prepare him for that role. 

He has worked for several friends, family, and neighbors, doing many different jobs, all while gaining the experience and knowledge he will need later.  He is reliable, he is willing, and he desires to learn.  At 18, he has learned to save his money, and just 2 days ago, bought his 1st truck, all by himself.  He is employed part-time at UPS, which in just a few months he will have full benefits, and he is preparing to go to our tech school in our town, to learn trades, which will aid him the rest of his life.  He listens to God for his direction in life, and is faithful to follow.  I truly believe he would not be this dedicated if we had chosen a different path in his life.  He would just be entering a school, paying way too much money, being subject to all kinds of evil, and all for the cost of a piece of paper that may or may not help him in the job force.  As I said, he is a man of character, of principle, of hard work, and determination, and I would not give that up for a piece of paper if it had been worth a million bucks!  

Doesn't that field look great!

We held a ceremony for Jamin when he was 16, the "Rite of Passage into Biblical Manhood," and celebrated him becoming a man.  We had men who had been involved in his life, who had an impact in some way, whether family, friends, and ministers, and each wrote him a letter, and some spoke words of encouragement into his life.  I do believe that was a moment he will remember forever.  He will have the letters to reread when he needs encouragement, and more importantly, He has his heavenly Father who speaks, guides, and leads him every day.  

Again, yes, we are proud of our son, our man, and he has proved himself, once again, with patience in waiting on God to provide the truck for him, and in return He has rewarded his patience, perseverance, and prayers with the desires of his heart.  God is so very good. 

"How blessed is the MAN who does not walk 
in the counsel of the wicked,
Nor stand in the path of sinners,
Nor sit in the seat of scoffers!
But his delight is in the law of the Lord,
And in His law he meditates day and night.
Psalm 1:1

Jamin's life verse is Psalm 27:1
"The Lord is my light and my salvation
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life;
Of whom shall I be afraid?" 

I did not say this path is for every single person, but I am so very thankful and grateful, as seeking God's will we listened for what His will was for our son, and our daughters.  I believe, in following God's narrow path, He has blessed us richly, more than we could ever have imagined.

I realize, at 18, he is still am impressionable young man, but with the roots which have been firmly planted, and studying God's word, and seeking wise counsel from Godly men, I believe he will persevere over whatever Satan could ever throw at him.  Our prayers continue daily.  His father and I are proud, but it is a good kind of proud :)  Go here or here to read more of his life as he grew up...go here to his sisters' blog for pics of the actual "Rite of Passage" ceremony.

So proud of you, son.  You are becoming that

Always Experiencing Him,


Missy Parris said...

So happy for Jamin. A job and a vehicle and not just any truck but an awesome red truck! What a great job you have done as parents to mold your children into Godly Christian young adults. He is such a positive example for our boys too!! Awesome pictures as always! Missy

Jody Dake said...

Thanks Missy for your sweet and encouraging words.

Always Experiencing Him,