Another Storm

A couple of storms ago we had a tree fall across the road and the fences on both sides.

We ran down and met mom and dad and my sister's family to hurry and get the tree out of the road and fix one side of the fence because the cattle were in that field.  

This tree was also used as a fence post.  We were not very sure what kind it was.  Dad thought it might be cherry and the leaves on cherry trees are poisonous to the cattle, so we were trying to get as much of it out of the field as possible.

My dad and his trusty power saw.  So, as he sawed we moved the brush to the other side and stacked firewood to get later.  We fixed the left side you see and, thankfully, the storm was just finishing when we got down there.  We had a couple neighbors stop by and help; that sure was nice.

Just another days' work on the farm, well, an evenings' work.  It keeps one on their toes, and there is never any boredom.

God is so good, and we are so blessed, all 8 of my parents' grandchildren and both, my sister and I and our dahhling, hard-working husbands all live on our century farm.  

Always Experiencing Him,

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