Another Work Day

After the storms, come the work.  Our driveway and tile at the creek needed some extra rock which the heavy rains washed in the yard and on down the creek.  

My dad and Jamin were moving the large rocks with a chain and the front end loader, up to the tile.

It always pleases my heart to see my children so willingly working with their grandparents, and working hard they do.  My dad really calls on them quite often to help him, and they enjoy it.  They love the time they can spend together.  This time he came to help us.

The younger cousins came as well, and there had to be some play time in the creek because it was extremely hot and humid; that water felt wonderful!!!

All those creek rock and gravel you see are not suppose to be there, that is what washed down and away.  We had to shovel some in buckets and carry back and dump in the driveway.  Water is such a powerful force, it's amazing to see what it can do.

After they placed the large rocks, then we filled back in with all the smaller ones around the tile, hoping they will hold through several more years.  

My silly Jenny was getting the shovel for Jamin, yes, with her feet, not wanting to jump back down; she's too funny!

Max even got in on the fun with the cousins.  He's so loveable.

Hope all's well for another 10+ years.  We have been here for 22 years and have replaced that whole portion over the tile, after the driveway completely washed out a few years back. 

I rejoice every time we are out working, playing, or simply being together, it does my heart good, like fine medicine. 

"A joyful heart is good medicine."
Prov. 17:22a

"Shout joyfully to God, all the earth;
Sing the glory of His name;
Make His praise glorious."
Psalm 66:1

Always Experiencing Him,

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