The Storms of Life

When the storms come, when the wind blows,
 and the rain pours,
 He is still God. 

When the waves of this world come from every direction, 
He is still God.

When what we see doesn't look as it should, 
He is still God.

When life is uncertain, and division arises, 
and friends leave, 
He is still God.

God is still on the throne.  
God is still the same.  
He does not change.

He will not change.  
He can not change, 
for He is God.

The same yesterday, today, and forever.

The One Who Is, Who Was, and Who Is To Come.
(Jody Dake)                              

"These things I have spoken to you, 
so that in Me you may have peace. 
In the world you have tribulation, 
but take courage; 
I have overcome the world." 
John 16:33

Always Experiencing Him,

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