Always Giving Thanks

My eldest bought me this wonderful devotional for Christmas, and I have so loved reading the wise words from Ann Voskamp.  She has encouraged me greatly.  

I would not have literally taken "always giving thanks for all things" seriously or given them real meaning, or taken up the pen to put words to paper if she had not encouraged me, us, to do so.  

Some do not care for her writing style, and that's ok, we all have different likes, but I can almost hear her genuine love and care and sincerity, in her writings as she urges us on.  

You do not even have to read her writings or her books, just pick up a pen and paper, a nice journal, and begin writing all the things you are grateful for.  This is a great way to teach children about gratefulness as well.  Let them have their own journal, and watch the joys that abound.  When you begin to get down, or sad, write; it may mean you haven't said, "Thank You," or written in awhile. 

God does something to our hearts when we are grateful.  

Ann says, "Joy is always possible."  As long as thanks is possible, yes, as long as thanks is possible, then joy is always possible.  

Thank you for showing me what I have overlooked for way too long, and have taken for granted so many of the blessings, the good and the very hard; thank you, Ann, and thank You, Father, for this eucharisteo experience.  It is possible to give thanks in all things.

"Always giving thanks for all things 
in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, 
even the Father."
Eph. 5:20

On this beautiful, cold, snowy day, I pray you will say "Thank You," to the One who gives us the very air we breathe, and surrender all to Him.  He so desires and deserves all we are.  

Love and blessings to you this day.

Always Experiencing Him,


Missy Parris said...

Yippee, you're blogging again! I try to limit my time on the computer more often but there are a few blogs I still try to read. You are always such an encouragement to me.
I was going to get her Christmas book and I wanted to have a Jesse tree. That was the plan in November but somehow I got too busy and didn't do all I had planned. Next year I will plan earlier. Do you have the Christmas one or actually I think there's two. Hope you are doing well. Are you going to see Nancy Campbell in a few weeks. We need to visit again sooner than later!!! Stay warm, I believe you guys got snow and we didn't. Missy

Missy Parris said...

I just realized I never put any Question Marks on anything. I'm sleepy and I need to go back over my comments, oh well!!!

Jody Dake said...

Oh, I love you Missy! You are too funny! I appreciate your encouragement so much! I have a few other new posts if you didn't go back further and am trying to be much more consistent!

Yes, I bought the Christmas book that went along with Advent and actually printed off her "ornaments" for the tree. She has porcelain ones for sell through Dayspring for $300! I think 200 when on sale! I would love them but simply cannot afford that. They are beautiful though! She has some the kids can color as well. You have to have the code from the book to access them. I have it if you want it before you get the book. I bought the colorful family one for this next year. It is beautiful!

I will see about coming to see Nancy Campbell. Hope we can.

Yes, we must visit again soon!
Thank you again!

Watch channel 9 tonight or you can see it on the website. Jenny and my uncle were interviewed and will be on at 5:30 this eve!

Always Experiencing Him,