Open and Release to Him Who is Able

I look up, straight up, toward that bright globe in the sky.  I try and shield it with my hand, I block it with my camera, and the rays continue to stream down on me.  Too bright to look at, I ponder the fact at how much brighter the Son of God will be to look upon.  If we cannot dare look into the sun of the earth, how will we be able to even take a glance at the Son of God! 

Focus, my word for this year.  I wear this word on a bracelet.  I keep fiddling with it, keep turning it so I can see, so I can focus and be reminded of what is important.  And, when I sit in the doctors offices, and listen, I touch that word and remember to focus on Christ, because He is the One we must lean on, turn to, pray to, trust in, and rely on with all we have.   

So, we bow, bow before the throne of the Holy One.  We come into His presence on bended knee, lying prostrate before Him, for only He is worthy of the worship we so desire to give.  

When those hard eucharisteos come into our lives, we lay low, and open our hands wide, to give, and to receive what He desires for us to have.  What will make us strong for Him, what will give Him all glory and praise.  If we grip too tight, we may not receive the blessing He has in store for us, and we open and release all to Him, to Him who is able, to cleanse, to heal, to turn, and to bless those He calls His own.  

"Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need."  Heb. 4:16

"God, no matter when or where, Your Word is our sword against the pain of this world.  And as I go out in the power of Your name, comfort me today with Your reassuring whisper that I am always safe in the strong protection of Your shielding grace."
(One Thousand Gifts Devotional -Ann Voskamp)

Always Experiencing Him,

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