Longhorns, Laughter, and Love!

Yeah, a Texas Longhorn cow showed up in a field in a herd of my parents' cattle.  We have always had black Angus and Charolais cattle, so this was quite an unexpected surprise and she was so pretty!  Some neighbors had bought a couple cows and calves and one of their dogs had been chasing her.  They told us Longhorns are good jumpers, and they must be, because she jumped at least 4 fences to get to where she was!

A couple days later they came and we were able to get her and her calf up and in the barn, and loaded in their cattle trailer with essentially not much trouble.  

Even through those funny, unexpected times, there are some days you just wish you could curl up like a cute, fuzzy, cat and sleep all day long.  On those feel bad, dreary, cloudy, slow days, you may do just that.  Other times, you gotta keep on going.

I don't talk much about my health issues, but more often than not I have those kind of days.  No, there isn't anything seriously wrong, that the doctors can find.  That is a blessing, because I have had many tests.  At the same time, things still are just not right.  But, we always trust that whatever God has us going through, we know He has a plan.  Even though we cannot see the end of the road, we continue to walk the way with Him, trusting all the time.  

Sometimes you simply need a houseful of friends and a good movie.  Big Hero 6 to be exact!  Laughter, and lots of fellowship make for a great time, and then a super game of Spoons late in the evening brings more laughter and good times!

We are ever so grateful for the many friends who envelope us in love, laughter, tears, joys, and prayers.  God is so good, and I cannot imagine walking this pathway called "life" without Him and the blessings of friends He gives.  He has called us to walk together with one another, and we feel that even more so on this path we are walking with my dad.  We trust, we have faith, and we look to the One who loves like no other can.  

Thank You, Father, for your blessings.  We praise You and we give You the glory for all things.  We trust that You are working all things out to the glory of Your will, and we are ever so thankful.

I pray your week has been a good one.  Remember, I love to hear what's going on in your world as well, so stop in, leave a comment, and say, "Hi!"

Always Experiencing Him,

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