Never Say Never!

I have certainly learned a few lessons over the years as a mom, like this one in particular...NEVER SAY NEVER!!!

"No one will have a motorcycle as long as they are still living in our house!"  Yeah, right!  Then, you have this very responsible son who pays for everything himself, has a job, goes to a tech school, makes all arrangements for it to be paid beforehand, (he has not had to pay a cent), pays for his truck BY HIMSELF, and decides to buy a motorcycle!  He researches everything, reviews everything, so how can you say no?  Well, we couldn't.  He is extremely cautious; he didn't get that from his mother!  :) He is almost too cautious, but gets his license after practicing and riding around close to home for a couple weeks, and talking with a cousin who helped him learn a few things.  

So, yes, we have a motorcycle.  He is 19, 18 when he bought it, and rides when he can, and especially when the weather is lovely. 

He rode to the moutains and sent some lovely pics from the overlooks.  He has enjoyed himself, and rides to school and work when the weather is nice, which is much more often these days.  

Julia had been wanting a ride, so he borrowed a helmet and took her.  He still won't take his mom yet though!  I believe she really enjoyed it!  They had a good time!  I just love anytime brothers and sisters enjoy each other, and here, that is most all the time.  Love it, so blessed!

So, mothers, never say never, because God may just teach you a lesson in one way or another!  One lesson from a seasoned mother.

Enjoy this blessed day, tell your children you love them, and get out in this lovely sunshine today!

Always Experiencing Him,

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