Fun in the Snow!

The beauty and fun all had playing together in this white stuff that fell from the sky.  What fun we all had!  Laughter, falling, sliding, jumping, throwing, riding, watching, laughter, oh, the joys!  


"A joyful heart is good medicine."
Proverbs 17:22a

"A joyful heart makes a cheerful face."
Proverbs 15:13a

How did you spend your snow days?

Sledding?  Snow cream?  Laughter?  Family?  Friends?  Reading?  Lounging?

Always Experiencing Him,


Sammy and Missy Parris said...

Looks like a great time for everyone, Love how all your family are right there together so you can enjoy everything together. And the red barn, I love that too. Not sure if I haven't seen a picture of it before or if its the snow but I love seeing the barn back there. And the very first one was an incredible photo. Did you take that one? It was exceptional.It was so bright and beautiful plus it showed the fun side of the snow too. You need to enter it in a photo contest. Are you all members of Farm Bureau? I think they do some kind of contest. Hope to see you soon!! Missy

Jody Dake said...

It has been nice to all be together. That is the big red barn above my parents house. I love that pic of Jamin on the 4 wheeler as well. Yes, I took it; thanks so much.
We are not members now, but mom has tried to get us, or Sarah, to enter contests and we just forget. That would be fun!
We have had sickness again, so as soon as we know all are well, we will have your family over! Yeah!

Always Experiencing Him,