A couple of weeks ago our family went to my favorite place for a picnic and a hike, Indian Boundary, Tellico Plains.  Such a wonderful time was spent with goofiness, laughter, resting, walking, eating, sunshine, breeziness, such awesome scenery from the Creator God Himself, and just an overall good time was had by all.  It was so nice to be away, as much as we love being home, sometimes you need a change of pace to revamp, to see things in perspective, and to see, again, what really matters.  

I loved seeing the girls and our guy have a great time being silly and funny; the smiles on their faces are yes, priceless...
Julia's beautiful smile :)

Jenny, of course, as you will see in more than one picture is the one who keeps us laughing with all her antics!

They brought their sling shots Jamin had made for them and had a blast slinging rocks away, way out into the lake.

Such beauty, such poise. :)

We had never been there when snow was still on the mountains, what a sight it was.  God is so amazing to give us the wonderful seasons to experience and keep us out of our drudgery, snow, rain, green trees and grass, colorful and falling leaves, lightning, thunder, all so amazing!

It took us a good couple of hours to go around the lake because some of us wanted to take many, many pictures, :) and enjoy the restful, relaxing time.

I had shouted, "CAR!" just to see what they would do, 'cause that's what we do on our roads, but of course, no cars here, so I got more of a, "What did you just say?" look.

Ok, so, No, Jamin probably shouldn't have been hanging by the rafters, but they seemed strong enough, so I hope it was ok.  He made it a good ways along trying to see how far he could go and hold on.

If you will notice, Jenny, aka, goofiness, is at the right, pretending to be a "bike" at the bike rack!  And,  we did remind Jamin of all the AFV videos we have seen and what happens to most guys when they attempt to walk a rail...Yeah, he was lucky here, it didn't happen, he stayed up, whew!

Yay! A normal photo for Jenny!  Actually, I suppose this is an ABnormal photo :) .  Aren't they just the best looking bunch ever!!!
We had a wonderful time!

"A cheerful heart makes a cheerful face."
Proverbs 15:13a

"A cheerful heart has a continual feast."
Proverbs 15:15b

Oh, what peace when you choose JOY, choose a cheerful heart; there is so much to be grateful and thankful for, always have a joyful heart.

Always Experiencing Him,


Sammy and Missy Parris said...

This looks like some great family time and Jenny is hilarious on the bike rack especially where she is flopped all the way over. Looks like a great place to go. We might have to visit there sometime, our goal is to start doing more outside stuff. Looks like a wonderful place.
I sent you a message about the pups we know about. There is another place too we found out about. I'll send you the link on it when I get a chance later.
Blessings, Missy

Jody Dake said...

I'm not sure why but it is absolutely my favorite place to go! I could go and sit above the lake literally, ALL day long, well, until the deer flies bite too much, and believe me, they do! And, they hurt! But, it's worth it, just spray something, and go on. :)
Yes, you must go!
Always Experiencing Him,