Finally! Spring!

Finally!!!  A real Spring day!!!  We had the best day, not to mention a hard day's work yesterday.
We have been waiting for some real spring, warm days, without fear of another frost to get lots of our outdoor work accomplished, and it happened yesterday!  The most beautiful, warm, gorgeous, lovely day God so graciously blessed us with to accomplish some outdoor work we needed to do.  He is so very good!

Jenny and I planted our little raised beds, and I worked all of them getting the soil just right, and getting rid of any weeds, Oh, the consequences of our sins, weeds!  It's a reminder we have to continually keep pulling the weeds out of our own lives on a daily basis; the sins which so easily entangle must be handled and given to our great God, who casts them as far as the east is from the west, only for our asking and repentance.  Thank You, Father!

We had a bit of trouble here and there, 1st, the girls were going to mow the yard but the mower tore up again, it's an old one, but still works!  Well, it did after our wonderful mechanic, my dear Hubby, fixed it, yet again...  Sarah began mowing, and Jenny and Julia weedeated, (yes, a Southern, TN term we use :) ).  Jamin was working in hay for some cousins ALL day, so Steve had the work to do all by himself since Jamin was gone, and we were busy as well.  He was working on the wheels for our new chicken tractor, but in the midst of the mower, the water heater burst, soooooo guess what?  A search for a new water heater and a trip to Lowes.  It was probably 26 years old we decided, so I am sure it was time to go, it just wasn't a good time for it to go...but is it ever?  Anyways, I used to get upset over things like that, but it's life and it goes on, and things break, and we have to fix them, so in the end, it's all good.  God still takes care of us.  My darling Hubby did say as he was installing the water heater, "Happy Mother's Day!"  Oh, well, I'm grateful for hot water!  So, I'm happy! :)

Oh yes! Laundry always happens, and fresh on the line, yay!  Then, Julia was tedding some hay for Poppy, it was the 2nd day she did that, and my dad and mom were mowing hay in the big field, but no pics of those, so check out those links for last years' pics.  

I put LOTS of pics on here, but it was such a lovely and wonderful day I just had to include them all!  Some beautiful pics of the freshly mowed lawn, all pretty, and the creek banks, and gardens, and scenery are simply breathtaking, well I think so anyway, but I am a bit biased I guess :) .  
                       Hope you enjoy looking!

I certainly hoped you enjoyed a look into our lives on a beautiful day.  I also pray you had a lovely day, and now are enjoying this blessed Lord's Day.  Walk outside and take a look at His creation, breathe in the fresh air, and say, "Thank You," to our Great God, our Provider, just.give.thanks.

Always Experiencing Him,

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