We have finally learned the art of thrifting!  We find such good deals and bargains and things we need, and, of course, things we just love because it's a great deal and we really, really liked it!

I am going to begin posting our thrifted finds and the different places we have been to find them.

I put several items into this post that we have found over time...

Aren't these canisters simply beautiful!  Yes, if it's your style, I know, but we love them.  Actually, Julia bought these at our Goodwill for Sarah's birthday *shhhhhh,* but they are still out on MY counter, I sure do like them as well.  They were $12.99, maybe not the super best thrifty deal, but still a good deal for a whole set of canisters.  One seal was missing, but that's ok.

Oh!  I found this lovely, beautiful, classy print at our GW for $9.99.  It is so ornate and dressy, and we love baby grands, not that we have one!

Here it is above our piano, which was my paternal grandmother's.

I just LOVE my laundry basket!  I found this at a GW in Lenoir City for $3.99.  My 1st cousin is a dentist in LC, so we are there or go by LC on the way to Knoxville.  Loooove it!

Here it is in use!  Isn't it great!  Well, it did have clothes in it!

This particular mirror I found at GW in Pigeon Forge for 1/2 price!  I paid a whopping $3.50 for it!  It looked a bit rough, so I painted it black and it is in our dining room above a roll top desk I have of my sister's.  She didn't have a place for it, so we are borrowing it.  Nice, huh?  

A find of Sarah's.  She found this large cake globe at our GW for $8.

This may  be my absolute favorite find so far.  I had been wanting a chair for the roll top desk, being patient, yes, I'm learning, I found one!!!  There is a KARM thrift store in Lenoir City, Knoxville Area Rescue Mission, and they always have Christian music playing, and we have learned to go there every single time we are up there.  I love to find great buys and support a ministry at the same time!  This chair was $12.99!!!  It looked brand new!  It has a white scuff here and there, but other than that, perfect!  What do you think?  If there had been 6, I would have bought them because we always need more seating at our dining table.  I was thrilled with the one though!

This beautiful dinner plate is 1 of 4 Sarah found for herself.  She gave $2/plate, which is more than we would normally pay at a GW, but they seemed unique enough she loved them.  On the back it says Italy, but that's all.  They also almost match the canisters she will be getting *shhhh.*

I found these salad plates at our GW; they were different and I love the colors; all 4 are a bit different in shape and color.  I can't remember exactly what I gave, but it was either $1 or $.50/plate.

Now, this mirror was again at KARM in LC, and is very heavy, solid wood, and handpainted.  I knew Julia would love it, but I paid for it, haha, so for the moment it is was $9.99.  It is hanging at the foot of our stairs.

Another of Sarah's plates, there were 4 for $1 a plate we think.

Now this is a different kind of find...across the road from us in the woods is where they use to throw trash in a ditch, years and years ago, and things have washed down as well, and the girls found this old Shasta bottle with the aluminum lid still on!  FREE!!!  Best kind of deal!

Ok, that's enough for now.  The girls just got back from a thrifting trip with a friend and more great buys, like $4 Fossil jeans!  Wow!  I will take some pics with them modeling their thrifted finds and maybe post that next!  So fun!

Where do you shop?

Are you a thrifty shopper?

What's your best thrifted finds?

Always Experiencing Him,


Steph Martin said...

You've found some great deals! I rarely find anything, but I haven't been to a GW in a quite a while now. I think my favorite items that you've posted are the laundry basket & the chair!.

Jody Dake said...

Thanks Stephanie! We love GW now, gotta be careful or we will buy things we don't need, but the girls are putting things away they like for their home someday. Right now though, most of their finds are in our cabinets now as well. It's still fun to look!

Always Experiencing Him,