Winter Graces

Winter pics before our actual "big" snow.  Snows like this are mesmeric falling from above, but when it "just doesn't cover" everything, it is a reminder of how our sinful, fallen natures lie right below the surface.  How we must stay close to His Word and to Him alone for that "old nature" to stay hidden.  God is faithful to His promises, and He will do what He says.

"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering,
for He who promised is faithful."
Heb. 10:23

He will help in times of trouble and distress, 
"Our soul waits for the Lord;
He is our help and our shield." 
Psalm 33:20

He will help when we call out to Him; He knows what we need, when we need it.  We must keep our trust in Him, and in Him alone.

As I sit here typing, I am sick with the nasty old head cold stuff, that everyone either had or has.  It makes me feel awful.  I don't have much energy anyway and this takes the rest away.  

My family has gone to church for our evening Bible study, so I thought I would get another post off, and then rest and read a bit.  It is so quiet with everyone gone, and yet it reminds me that someday my house will be like this all the time.  I love the sounds of my children's laughter, and their discussions.  So, I really try not to complain when it is all noisy, or have late-night nerf gun fights (yes, they do!), and try not to be too excited when they are all out.  I love the house full!

Sorry about the pink calf; I am not sure what happened, but I did see I had my camera on video while snapping some pics, so maybe that was it.  It isn't really pink. :)

I love the snow pics, so there may be another post and possibly one more with snow, because I love the crystal covered land!  It doesn't take us long to get tired of it, but it is so beautiful!

Take time today, this Lord's Day, to revel in His glory, to be grateful for all those around you, and to thank Him for His special graces He has given.

Always Experiencing Him,

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