God's Scenery

Pictures of beautiful Indian Boundary, as promised.  It was nearing the season of autumn, and rained some, so the sun was not out as in years past, but the scenery is still amazing.

You will see pics of the lake with the early morning mist rising, the mountains, which at times were totally covered by the fog, trees reflecting in the water and ducks nearby.  Paths we walked, and bridges to cross, a bird nesting for the night, and simply God's creations of a stump covered by moss and heart-shaped plants, all proving His existence.  Psalms 19:1-6 (I could give you a link, but go look it up, read a bit extra, His Words are refreshing for the soul).

Enjoy God's scenery

A reminder to sign up as our friends, we love to see you and be able to pray for you as God brings you to our minds.  Enjoy this blessed day, and go speak to the One who created ALL!!!  He longs to hear you!

Always Experiencing Him,

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