I Did It!!! 1000 Gifts!!!

I did it! One Thousand Gifts, have you been counting?
Amazing what happens when we consciously, and physically record our blessings from Him.

God is good.  Slow down.  Count.  Say "Thank You."  See what happens.

The hard eucharisteos, are good, easier to bear when we know the Giver of life.

"To live eucharistically, what it means to live giving thanks in ALL things," is what Ann Voskamp has taught me.
Still Counting #996-1035
*mosquito bites     *more Repel     *water coolers     *Tervis tumblers
***#1000     God's grace, mercy, protection***
*1000+ eucharisteos     *maple and oak trees     *dad in hammock     *pines and unknown trees     *camp store     *butterfingers     *calendar/planner in mail     *parents caring for home     *borrowed rope lights     *borrowed tent-WOW-nice! Thank you!     *beef jerky     *The Gentle Ways of the Beautiful Woman     *5 days camping      *pancakes and sausage     *7 days camping-heading home     *yearly picture around the lake     *walks - alone and together     *guitar, dulcimer and singing     *to Him...everything to Him     *all pitching in     *4 teenagers-best thing to have     *cleaning     *organization     *husband at work-our provider     *our Provider of all     *ladies night with wonderful moms and daughters     *Nicole     *like-minded ladies desiring God's design and plan     *new friends     *a son who likes order     *laundry     *washing dishes     *math     *feeding baby calves     *Psalms*

Always Experiencing Him,

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