Baby Calves

If you have seen the girls' blog at threemaidens, you have seen Sarah's post on feeding baby calves.  If you haven't been there, they are raising 18 baby Holstein calves with their grandparents.  Go over and check out the other pics Sarah took.

Sarah and Jenny are mixing the calf milk and pouring into bottles. This is mostly Sarah and Grandmama's job.  After we are finished feeding, everything must be washed, ready for the next feeding at 7 am or 5 pm.

The girls and grandmama are feeding the darling babies.  Most have names, but I get them confused.  12 are the 12 sons of Jacob, and they have Samson, Mooney, Dal, and Nut.  There is usually a personality which goes with each one.

Poppy and Jamin built feeding troughs for the grain and hay to go in.  They did a very fine job.  My family doesn't like doing things half way, so, when they build something it looks very good.  Great work!

Jamin really did help, we just got there late to get pics and got the finished products.

Jamin had worked very hard on cleaning the barn lot when we first brought the calves in.  He washed and washed the concrete.  It looks great!

Thanks for enjoying the farm life with us!

Always Experiencing Him,

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