Blessed Mothers

Be blessed in what you do.
Take joy in this most important time, "season," of your lives.
Go here to gracefullmama
Joy, a missionary mother of 5, living in Indonesia, 
to be encouraged.
She also has a post at thebettermom with another great read.

We may need to re-evaluate our lives to give of our best to God.
There are lots of "good" things we may do,
but let us give God and our family the "best."
There will be other seasons in our lives to do the "good" things, 
and then, it may be the "best".

Now, take a little time, wherever that may be, with a little one on your lap, 
in the bathroom, or during naptime, and,
"Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him"
Psalms 37:7a

Always Experiencing Him,

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