Daily Family Worship

"A family on its knees, agreeing as touching anything, has power to claim anything within the will of God for nations, or individuals, or for the Church." "It used to be that fifty percent of professing Christians had a daily family altar of worship and prayer. When these praying families came together in church it was like "adding power to power"...Nowadays it is estimated that only five percent (that was back in 1951!) of professing Christians maintain daily family worship. It isn't enough that the churches we go to exalt Christ and teach the Word; the homes we come from must likewise exalt Christ and teach the Word. Families which ignore God and His Word six days a week will not be likely to know God "in the power of His resurrection" on the seventh day of the week!" "The devil cannot ruin nations of men until he has destroyed the homes of prayer." 

What is daily family worship? It can be a myriad of things for different people. I will tell you what it is for our family and what it has done for us. It has absolutely been the most amazing thing! It is simple...yet, difficult. God's Word touches every fabric of our lives when we allow Him to permeate everything about us, who we are, what we are, our design, our purpose. It even changes how we view our speech, our conduct, our dress, our character, our entire lives.

"Day by day" is a continual theme in Scripture, and it doesn't seem to be an option if we want to be in obedience to God. Coming before the throne of God "day by day" is wonderful, and eye opening.
Open the eyes of my heart, Lord

Open the eyes of my heart

I want to see you 

I want to see you 

For two years we simply read through the entire Bible. The first year we took turns reading straight through on a one year plan, and yes, it was this mother's first time reading all the way through. I was ecstatic, and God's Word began to take hold of several areas in my life.

The second year we read through again with a one year chronological Bible. I would recommend anyone beginning a daily family worship time to read through for two years. His Word becomes alive when you have it before you, and you begin to savor each moment and word. The closeness of the family, coming together the way He designed, is none other than amazing.

We now have a devotional, reading through Proverbs in a month, and are digging deeper into His Word. Coming before His throne in prayer for the needs around us and needs we may have, is always a must. We like to have a song if it isn't too late, but that hasn't been a permanent feature yet. Worship can take on many forms...letting His words fall upon us is enough at times.

Always Experiencing Him,


Ashlin said...

Very encouraging post, Mrs.Dake.

I just started reading through a chronological bible this year, and I already really like it!

Thanks for the great tips, too.

lynette said...

Love the pic of sun thru the trees.