Daily Thoughts and Ponderings

Do we tend to dwell on the good or the bad? My mind can easily dwell on all the things that bring me down. But, when I focus on those things God gives me each moment, I then have 20/20 vision I struggled with only a few moments before. So, I have learned that most of my problems are not solved by talking and dwelling on what is wrong, but on what God has said in His Word. My sights must be set on the things above and NOT on things below.
Just like rushing water in a stream, when I dwell on the bad, it continues to pour and avalanche until I drown beneath the current. But, if I look to God's plan for who I am in Him, the rushing water will wash away all the impurities as far as the stream runs. I have the choice then, to turn everything over to Him and He graciously and patiently awaits my decision. Will you lean on man or God?
Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding."
On my way to one thousand gifts #25 for prayer
#26 spending an entire day with family
#27 a son's 15th birthday on the 15th
#28 daily family worship, even when we are tired, His word is refreshing
#29 holding another infant and getting spit upon, reminders of years gone by
#30 for memories
Amazingly His, Jody

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