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From time to time you will read of the lessons God has taught me through the study of His word. Some have been difficult, others have been refreshing to finally have an answer to what I was in search of. I will say, nothing I write is without total authority through God's prompting and thorough study and prayer. God is simply Amazing! His ways are always best!
He had a plan from the very beginning of time. We must return to His Word and His plan to know how to live in obedience to the One who gave us life and breath and salvation.
What if God's Word was the ONLY book we had to show us how to live? What if it was the ONLY book where we looked to for guidance and the answers we long for? Do we really believe it is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, that it is eternal and unchangeable? If we truly believed this, our daily lives would change dramatically. I have no authority to disciple someone if my life is not in line with God's plan. I would be a hypocrite and a liar. I want No Compromise; I desire to be in Total Obedience to God's Plan while instilling Multi-Generational Faithfulness through our Daily Family Worship times within our family. Then, and only then will I be able to reach out to others with the True Love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So, be patient as I put down the words God has taught me over the years, and I pray what you read will be a blessing and a gift from the One who sent them. I am truly nothing without Him, thank You, Jesus, for my life. My sister has asked if there is nothing I have been thankful for in the past few days. Well, of course there are many things, I just haven't faithfully written them all down. So, here are more gifts that we are continually inundated with from God's cup of overflowing blessings. #35 watching our daughter swim her last swim meet and winning 1st in her last event #36 my family who looks forward to our daily family worship time #37 my son who enjoys helping his Poppy (grandfather) work on the farm #38 for at least 100 years of multi-generational faithfulness and "remembering" to continue on #39 a Christian doctor who really cares #40 my husband who is our provider and protector, and training our son to be as well #41 a good pinto beans and cornbread dinner with my parents #42 for how my attitude changes when I look for the gifts in life

Thanks for stopping by. I pray you will be "encouraged in God." 

Always Experiencing Him,

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ThomasFunnyFarm said...

Pinto Beans!! With ham I hear! Now THAT is something for which to be thankful. We had wilted lettuce tonight. And you better believe I am thankful for that sister! Have a great day.