Our lives are full of waiting.
We wait for snow, can't wait for spring, wait for summer days,
then, we wait for the cool days of autumn, and we are back full circle.
As a child, we wait to be a youth, then wait for adulthood. We can't wait to get married. Then wait for the birth of the firstborn, the second, third and fourth. We wait for their first step, first tooth, to run, ride a bike. Wait as they become a teen, and continue into adulthood.
We turn from when we were that child, waiting for adulthood,
and our own are grown in the blink of an eye.
But, our waiting is ongoing, from grocery store lines, doctors' offices, stop lights and signs. My last long wait was for my son, our fourth and last child to take his driver's license written test for his permit (which he passed). We waited and waited and waited, literally, but as we did, we heard all the grumblings and complaints of others, with other places to go and things to do. We had hoped to eat with the Dad for lunch but didn't get finished in time, which meant we had a nice lunch with mother and son. Of course, we missed the Dad, but it was nice.
The waiting gives us time to pause, to think, to remember, to gather, to catch-up, to forgive, to repent, to pray. Let us not become entangled in the worlds' thinking every time we must wait, but let us relish the extra time as a God-given gift in a rush-rush world. He gives us the time, let's use it wisely in whatever manner it comes.
Amazingly His,
#68 for waiting
#69 a proud son
#70 for snow
#71 being content
#72 for the coming spring
#73 friends to wait with
#74 for repentance and forgiveness
#75 the Dad checking on us
#76 the gift of waiting on His Return
#77 the joy of gifts

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