Snow Day: Day 2

The snow is still here! Day 2 of our days in the snow and this is the result: Say hello to Mr. Thimble-Thessington IV! (don't ask where that came from, I do not know...) My pics are a little out of order and I didn't have the patience to rearrange them... So, here's Jamin on the snowboard. First pic and it's a wipeout... =D
Whoa! Shreddin' it, dood. =3
Mr. Thimble-Thessington and Ma.

Mr. Thimble-Thessington with JP and J-dawg...
J-dawg is putting on the finishing touches.
Winter Wonderland!
These look like celebrity pics taken with the snowman!

This is the grandfather driving a friend around on the four-wheeler...
Ju-Ju snowboarding.
Wipe-out! We had a lot of those. =]
Poppy and JP.
Ju-Ju again...
Go, J-dawg, go!!

And that concludes the second day. Not as exciting as the first, but we still had fun. And we still have snow after four days!
Have a wonderful weekend! I may have more pics soon, thanks for stopping by! Sari

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